Yesterday I found out that I have passed the lab exam! It was my second attempt (read about the first here). I’m obviously pretty damn happy about it. When I left the exam room (with nearly an hour spare) I felt pretty confident. But the problem was I felt confident last time as well! The waiting for the results is one of the toughest parts – you replay the questions in your mind and kick yourself when you realise (or maybe just think) you did something wrong.

Anyway, it’s taken nearly a year to achieve the MCM as I past the knowledge exam last February, though I did take about 6-7 months to retake the lab because I was busy over the summer.

It’s hard to offer advice on how to take on the lab exam. There is plenty online from various people who have passed and failed. The point which I only found out before my second attempt was that there are no marks for incomplete scenarios. Each scenario has several goals, there is no point completing all at one because you will not score any points. This is what makes the exam so tough as each question tends to have one slightly more subjective answer. By that I mean you can easily interpret the question in different ways leading you to come up with different solutions. You just have to go with what seems the most sensible choice.

I did attempt all scenarios, but this is not important. Focus on the scenarios you know you can do, work through them thoroughly double checking you have covered all of the points. Most importantly test that it actually does what it should. Yes that seems obvious, but under pressure its easy to assume/hope and move on.

What’s next? I’ve no idea, I’ve always said I took on the MCM exam as personal goal with no expectations of it leading anywhere particular. I stand by that.

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  1. David J Martin says:

    Congrats Simon. I sit the exam end of March. Thanks for the tips.

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